From Farms to Forks 9 Thank You!

A thank you from our Growing Chefs! Founder, Merri Schwartz

From Farms to Forks Nine, you’ve come in with the harvest,
When chefs fill their pots and our farms work their hardest.
And before we head off to eat, drink, and make merry,
A quick list of thanks—for we’re grateful—yes, very!

The usual thanks go out firstly to PICA,
We’re here, you’re our hosts, and we’re so pleased to see ya.
Next, danke, Whole Foods, for your generous presence,
Merci Mission Hill for wine pairings in abundance.

Thanks for top sales go to Stania and Devi,
You drummed up the crowds and sold tickets so many.
A happiest birthday to dear Peter Blitz,
He set up the sound to hear poems—such as this.

And now to our chefs we say please take a bow,
Your work and your skill is a pure, fervent “wow”!
Hands over hearts, to our growers, salute!
You bring forth the bounty—veggie, meat, wine, and fruit.

Our volunteer team, you just blow us away,
Bar, wine, service, auction, door—we’d not be here today,
Without your time and your effort, and still more to list:
Fundraisers, photographers, and spouses—we blow you a kiss!

To Robbyn for bringing your management flair,
To Margaret and Fred, you are always the pair,
Who bring us to life, and engage us each year,
The kids whose stories may inspire a tear.

Our bushel sponsors—many—who donated in kind,
Tea, cheese, bread and soda—no better you’ll find.
Moody Ales and Strange Fellows have brought beer for your cup,
Thanks silent auction donors---now go snatch that stuff up!

For spirits and chocolate, thank Victoria and Mink,
From Pedersen’s the dishes—it just makes you think,
How many it takes to throw an event such as ours,
Our staff and our board—you’re each one true stars.

To Earth’s Own and to Telus, you bought tickets a-plenty,
SVP for support—you guide us so gently.
SpencerCreo: our office, and for the raffle--WestJet,
The list is tremendous—I’m not done quite yet!
Fiona for designing a program so stylish,
Artona for printing and fulfilling each wish.

Our media sponsors: Daily Hive, Edible, and Scout,
You spread the word to make sure we sell out.
And last but not least a big hand one and all,
You’re here and the poem’s done—now go have a ball!