Volunteer Spotlight: Magnus Thomas


And for our last volunteer spotlight during National Volunteer Appreciation Week we would like to introduce you to Magnus - a new volunteer in the classroom this Fall.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? Where are you from?
”I work as a cook in a Seafood Restaurant called Oddfish in Kitsilano. I'm from Germany and moved to Vancouver in 2017. “

How did you first hear about Growing Chefs!?
“I heard about Growing Chefs from the Half A Dozen Hospitality Podcast.”

Why did you decide to volunteer in the classroom with us? And why do you feel programs like Growing Chefs! are important?
“I decided to Volunteer, because I like the idea of educating people about food. There is not enough education about it in our society. We overall don't eat very healthy but it doesn't take a lot to be healthy. We just need to change our habits around food.”

What is your favourite seasonal vegetable?
”My favourite vegetable is broccoli.”

If you could cook and share a meal with anyone (living or dead) who would it be and why?
”If i could could cook and share a meal with somebody it would be my mother in law who was a passionate cook and we enjoyed cooking together. She always liked to tell me how i was supposed to cook it though.“

What is your favourite meal to prepare for yourself?
”I like to make simple Pastas. You can be very creative with it. It's different every time.”

Thank you to ALL our volunteers. Our program would not happen without you! It takes over 200 volunteers to bring our Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program to schools throughout the Lower Mainland and Victoria.