How it Works

  • The Growing Chefs! Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program consists of seven lessons delivered right in your classroom over the course of about 3 months. Teachers apply to get the program in their classroom.
  • A team of three or four chef volunteers is paired with your class to deliver our hands-on gardening and cooking curriculum. Our teams are equiped with all the required gardening and cooking materials.
  • Classroom visits typically occur on the same weekday (based on your schedule), every second week between morning recess and lunch.
  • Prior to beginning the program you will receive a Teacher’s Kit that outlines the program and provides you with copies of handouts as well as additional extension and integration lessons.
  • Our seven lesson curriculum is designed to be in line with the provincial curriculum and learning outcomes, and teaches kids the skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices.

Why join our program

Work With a Team

Expert volunteers in your classroom

Kids get excited to eat fresh, healthy foods

Join us three hours a week

Learn in seven lessons

Kids get hands-on learning with the full food cycle

Teach Children Grade 1-6 your impact

For students Grades 1-7

Kids learn practical gardening and cooking life skills

Kids engage in the entire food cycle—digging in the soil, planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, learning basic cooking skills. They connect with food, and often serve themselves up second helpings of vegetables they used to refuse to eat! 

Food colour wheel

Our programs



Our Spring program is for grades 1 - 3.
The program runs in the spring from late March through to June (it starts just after spring break).

On their first visit, the chefs help the students plant an indoor window sill garden comprised of fast-growing vegetables.

  • Each lesson uses a combination of discussions, games, and activities to cover themes including urban agriculture, vegetable exploration, cooking, nutrition, garden crafts, and foods around the world.


The Intermediate Program

Our Fall program is for grades 4 - 7.
The program runs in the Fall, from mid-September to December.

On their first visit, the chefs help the students start a science experiment; they plant an indoor window sill garden and will track plant growth throughout the program.

  • Each lesson uses a combination of discussions, games, and activities to cover themes including urban agriculture, cooking, nutrition, food waste, food miles, and recipe development.


There is a program fee of $400 to help with our costs. However, we do have subsidies and scholarships available to schools that are unable to pay that fee. We never turn a class away because they can't afford it!


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Our Testimonials

Customer testimonials

They help build the community and next generation of potential chefs. Everyone eats, and it is fantastic to teach eating for more than just the sake of it.

  • Chef April Hornecastle

Student testimonial

Planting seeds is like having money to feed everyone.

  • Grade 2 Student from Southlands Elementary

Valendine Ciwko testimonial

Besides becoming more adventurous eaters I know my students gained a much better appreciation for locally grown things and how much fun it can be to experiment in the kitchen with food.

  • Valdine Ciwko, Teacher