Growing Chefs! was founded by Merri Schwartz, a professional pastry chef.
In the fine dining kitchens where she worked, Merri saw vast amounts of knowledge about food sustainability, nutrition, and local agriculture—but that knowledge stayed trapped behind kitchen walls.
She founded Growing Chefs! as a tool to connect chefs and growers—along with their valuable knowledge—to local communities through a fun, empowering, educational program.

Restaurants and chefs still make up an indispensable part of the work we do. Read on to see how you and your restaurant can get involved.


Testimonial  Chef Jonathan Chovancek

It’s amazing how stoked you feel coming out of the classroom - feeling great about life.

  • Chef Jonathan Chovancek

    Homer St. Cafe Bar & Tableau Bar Bistro

Testimonial Jonathan Dennis

In a world of increasingly packaged and processed food it’s vitally important to teach the next generation where exactly our food comes from.

  • Bartender Jonathan Dennis


Testimonial April Hornecastle

They help build the community and next generation of potential chefs. Everyone eats, and it is fantastic to teach eating for more than just the sake of it.

  • Chef April Hornecastle

    Earnest Ice Cream

Our Supporters

Eat. Give. Grow.

From June to September each year, restaurants and businesses add $1 to a popular item and that extra dollar goes directly to funding our Growing Chefs! Classroom Gardening & Cooking Program, Since 2010, Eat. Give. Grow. has helped us raise over $70,000.

EAT. GIVE. Grow. 2019

From Farms to Forks

Every October, some of the province’s most talented chefs, bartenders, growers and producers get together for the best kitchen party of the year. Our annual fundraising gala is always a hit, and this year we hope to raise $70.000 for our programs.

From Farms to Forks 2019



We would not be where we are without the commitment of so many places throughout the years.

We would like to thank these restaurants, farms, and small businesses for past and ongoing in-kind support, volunteer support, and helping us with our many events.

Our supporters

… and many others!