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Classroom Program Volunteers

Join us in the Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program and teach kids about cooking and gardening. Or learn more about the program before signing up.


General Volunteer Areas:

  • Website Assistance - our webpage account needs an update
  • Graphic Design - general help for design of brochures, posters etc
  • InDesign Assistance - help with updating our classroom curriculum
  • Accounting Assistance - to ensure compliance with CRA and Filing Registered CHarity Information Form
  • Copy Editting
  • General Office Admin Assistance

Interested in helping out? We can put those great skills of yours to use! Email or fill out this General Volunteer form to let us know how you’re interested in helping out.

As well, we're always looking for Community Outeach Volunteers to help us at festivals and community events. If you're interested in running fun and engaging children's activities, please complete our Community Outreach Volunteer form.