Eat. Give. Grow. 2017 Restaurant Campaign Info

Eat. Give. Grow. is a fundraising campaign that allows restaurants and businesses to promote Growing Chefs! and raise money without having to donate any funds themselves.
For one to three months, we are asking establishments to add $1 to an item available on their menu, or in their store. It can be anything, but we are suggesting a popular menu item(s) that has high volume. The Growing Chefs! item could also be a drink special, a menu special, a fresh sheet, or anything you think would best suit your establishment!
Benefits to Participating Restaurants:

  1. You help raise money and awareness but consumers will pay for it.
  2. Extensive social media coverage and promotion for the event.
  3. Simple to administer. We will provide a postcard insert for the menu explaining the campaign. 

The campaign is flexible based on your needs. To see a list of participating restaurants from the 2016 campaign, please visit Over the past six years, the campaign helped us raise over $51,000 for our Classroom Gardening and Cooking program. Last year alone, the campaign raised $13,000 for Growing Chefs! Amazing!

Campaign Suggestions:
Please note: all of these campaign ideas are suggestions. Please use what you think would work best for you.

  1. Choose the month(s) you would like to participate in the campaign.
  2. Choose popular and possibly lower-priced items. You could choose one item from each section of the menu. For example, one starter, one main, and one dessert. In 2011, Bishop’s increased their donation by 700% by using this format.
  3. Tell us what item(s) you are choosing, and send us a photo if possible.
  4. Next to the item on the menu, we suggest including our logo and the wording: “By choosing this item, you will be donating $1 to Growing Chefs!
  5. Include the postcard in each menu.
  6. Re-use the postcards as much as possible to save paper and costs. If you require more, please let us know. 
  7. For tracking purposes, we suggest creating an item in your POS system that can be tacked on to the bill.
  8. We will collect the sum total at the end of the campaign. Feel free to subtract any administrative costs.
  9. Debrief your front of house staff on who and what Growing Chefs! is. We are happy to come in and chat with your staff as well as provide informational material.
  10. Talk about the campaign in your social media using #EATGIVEGROW

Anticipated FAQs from Your Customers:
Where will the money go?
The money will go directly to funding our Growing Chefs! Classroom Gardening Program. In 2017, we are in 50 classrooms, with more than 160 chef volunteers.
Is Growing Chefs! a registered charity?
Yes, we are a registered charity.
What if a customer wants to donate more?
You can accept any amount of donation from your customers on our behalf if you are comfortable doing so. We will provide you with donation forms to give them if they request it. Otherwise, you can direct them to our website.
For more information, please contact Jaydeen Williams at 604.710.1677 or